President Lukashenko: New Bitcoin Mining Data Center For Crypto Proposed To Be Built In Belarus

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  Mining cryptocurrency is one of the necessary procedures for most decentralized 必发88官网 digital assets. With the exception of a few platforms, this process validates the transactions on the blockchain, though they can end up taking up a lot of power. Still, there is plenty of profit to make from these efforts, which is likely to be the reason why the President of Belarus has proposed the creation of a center to do exactly that.

  President Alexander Lukashenko recently sat at a meeting in the High-Tech Park with multiple individuals directly involved with the IT industry. During this meeting, he proposed the creation of a large data center near a local nuclear power plant, serving as a place to mine cryptocurrency.

  In a translated statement, Lukashenk said that their intention is to build farms, mine Bitcoin, and sell the tokens. He added that “they say that if there is Bitcoin, it’s not a problem to sell it.” However, he added that Belarus plans to completely support the efforts of digital 必发88 assets and the local digital economy.

  If the dates projected are accurate, then the first of the power units to be used for the NPP project will be commissioned in December this year. The second power unit will be happening in summer 2020.

  Presently, Bitcoin is trading at $5,157.40, fluctuating by under 1% in the last 24 hours.

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