Valve is working on a dedicated version of Auto Chess

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  Valve the parent company that owns Steams and some of the most prestigious titles of the eSports industry, Dota2 and CS: GO has made a big announcement. The developer has revealed that they are working on a dedicated version of Dota Auto Chess. The game was developed by Drodo Studio for the arcade mode. It takes the MOBA element out of the game and presents Dota as a real-time strategy game .

  The popularity of the Dota Auto Chess has grown at an incredible pace. Owing to its success, Drodo has even launched a mobile version of the title. Meanwhile, Valve has its own plans and want to develop this arcade game into an exclusive title.

  Sources have even revealed that Valve, initially wanted to collaborate with Drodo Studio to make the standalone version of the title. Yet it seems like both parties had unsuccessful negotiations, which led to Valve working alone on the project. Meanwhile, Drdo will focus on the mobile spin off. Nonetheless, Drodo Studio and Valve have claimed that they have a strong alliance and would love to support each other ?when it comes to making their versions. Valve also promised the community that they will reveal new information in the upcoming weeks, regarding the progress of the game.

  The developer of Dota 2, recently registered a name called DOTA Underlords. It is quite possible that this will be the new name of the Auto Chess, we are really hoping that Valve confirms this news in the next few weeks.

  It seems like Valve has given up on Artifact and has decided to pursue Auto Chess. We believe that this is good news for the community, since collectible card game market is quite complicated. The players will have to spend money all the time in order to get decent cards, which would never work as long we have good free to play titles. Also Valve had issues with the lead developers and ended up firing them, months after the release of the game. So we hope that Valve have learned from its mistakes and puts dedicated effort on the development of Auto Chess. We believe that they will do a good job since they have been quite successful with the Dota 2 MOBA. So developing a decent RTS will not be a big issue.

  A few hours ago, the organizers of the ESL revealed information about their next competition that will take place later this year. The playoff of ESL One Hamburg 2019 to Dota 2 will be held from 25 to 27 October at the Barclaycard Arena. 12 teams will take part in the tournament, who will play $ 300 thousand; the championship will not be included in the Dota Pro Circuit series. The group stage of the competition will be held from 22 to 24 October.

  Hamburg has been hosting ESL One tournaments since 2017. The first championship was won by, and last season the winner was Team Secret.


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